The Hottest Tile Trends of 2021

No matter the style or location of your home, these tiles can transform your bathroom!

The choice of tile can make or break a bathroom design. With so many styles, shapes, sizes, and finishes out there, choosing the right tiles for your space and taste can be overwhelming! Never fear, Tasbuilt team member Brianna is here!

Our Client Liaison Manager Brianna Postlethwaite has helped many Tasbuilt clients create on-trend bathrooms that suit their individual style perfectly. She's an experienced pro, whether you're after a classic and understated look or a bolder bathroom with bright pops of colour and texture.

With Brianna’s help, here are a few tile trends we use at Tasbuilt to create beautiful bathrooms...


You can't go past Subway tiles; they're versatile, stylish, and suit most decor themes. These tiles can be used floor to ceiling for a dramatic effect or simply added as a feature behind the bath or vanity. Pick white/neutral coloured tiles in a horizontal pattern for a clean, classic look. Or, if you want to make more of a statement, try a bright pop of colour in a vertical orientation like our clients recently did in their Scamander home - so cool!


Terrazzo tiles are a great way to create interest and add texture to your bathroom. Traditionally, terrazzo is chips of glass, stone, or marble set in a cement or resin base and highly polished. This textile was invented in 15th century Venice to use up bits of marble left over from building jobs. Modern-day terrazzo tiles add a unique element to any bathroom and are an artistic feature that draws the eye in without being overpowering. We love grey terrazzo tiles flecked with white for a contemporary look, as seen in our recent West Hobart project.


Timber-look tiles are the best of both worlds; they pair the warmth and rich texture of wood, with the durability and waterproofing qualities of tiles – essential in any bathroom! This tile style compliments a range of finishes (e.g stone or marble) and can be worked in with almost every colour palette. Timber-look tiles are definitely worth considering if your home is located in bushland or by the coast, as timber is a prominent feature of both country and coastal interior design themes.


In rooms with abundant natural light, matt tiles are a great choice. Subtle and sophisticated, they absorb light and reduce unnecessary glare. If you’ve got ample sunlight in your bathroom, you’ve also probably got killer views, and matt tiles provide the perfect backdrop to promote these views as the hero of the space. Matt-style tiles were recently used to great effect in our modular bush retreat project in Nunamara. Brianna cleverly picked out stylish, stone-grey tiles for the client’s decor scheme to seamlessly complement the native colours of the surrounding bushland outside - perfection!


Hexagonal (or honeycomb) tiles are one of the biggest tile trends to take off in 2021. They add a funky, geometric dimension to any space, and are very versatile; they can be as big or as small of a statement as you want them to be. Try using smaller tiles in differing patterns to create a Mediterranean 'mosaic' look. Or, go for a larger hexagonal tile in a neutral grey for a less busy, more modern, urban feel. Our client recently incorporated white hexagonal tiles as a stylish feature behind the vanity and in the shower of their St Helens home. Paired with a beautiful timber vanity and balanced out with larger floor tiles, their bathroom feels contemporary and cosy with a creative twist!

Check out our Bathroom & Laundries Gallery to see how we’ve used some of these tile trends to create stylish spaces in homes around Tasmania!


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