Experts at building in Tasmania

We live in a unique place, and building here requires some unique solutions.

Tasmania has different weather than the mainland, requiring smarter ways of building to end up with a high quality home built within a specified timeframe. We're proud to be Tasmanian home builders, with experience building new homes in the Tasmanian climate since 2003, with combined experience in the building industry of over 50 years.

Tasmania's unpredictable weather

With weather patterns that are more erratic than the mainland, Tasmania's rainfall doesn't follow predictable patterns. You could have a wet day, a wet week, or a wet month,. This can be a headache for home builders. Swollen wood, muddy footprints, and rusted framing elements often can't be avoided.

Because we build onsite and undercover, we can prevent the weather from being a factor. Our building process is quicker, with a reliablity that cannot be matched by less innovative styles of building.

The advantage of onsite building is leveraged because we can deliver homes statewide. Relatively flat network of Tasmanian roads allow us to deliver in most locations. Delivery is handled by one of our trusted partners Tasmanian Heavy Haulage. They perform an excellent job transporting newly built homes, and ensure that your investment is secure while in transit.

Experience a Tasbuilt Home for yourself

Have you ever been inside a modular home? You can have an in-person tour of our two Tasmanian-built display homes in Westbury Tasmania.

We're about to open a brand new display home near Hobart, where you can walk through and see for yourself why we've become a preferred new home builder in Tasmania.

See what a Tasbuilt Home is like, and sit with one of our professional home designers to discuss your own requirements, design a floor plan and get a detailed fixed price proposal. Feel free to come for a visit at your convenience, or arrange a time by booking a tour online or calling 1800 639 310.


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