Why you should visit Tasbuilt's Display Home in Westbury

With help from Tasbuilt, you can finally make your dream home a reality - minus the hassle...


Why You Should Visit Tasbuilt’s Display Home in Westbury

Building your own home is no easy feat. With all of the processes you have to undergo, the stresses and strains can take their toll. There are however companies you can employ to lift the weight off your shoulders. With help from Tasbuilt, you can finally make your dream home a reality - minus the hassle.

We are a reputable, Tasmanian-owned home building company known for providing top-quality, budget-friendly and customisable modular homes. We can take care of the entire building process for you; from the foundations to the kitchen sink, freeing you from all the hassles of building a brand new house.

Our experienced and skilled team will handle your entire project, from initial planning and council application, to the last finishing touches.

If you haven’t visited us yet, or if you wish to take a second look at our actual work, feel free to view our state-of-the-art new display home located at 6 Integrity Drive, Westbury; and see for yourself the “Tasbuilt difference.”

A few reasons why you should take a trip to our display centre today:

  • Experience firsthand how it feels to live in a quality and sophisticated modular house from Tasbuilt
  • You and your family will get to experience the actual comfort, cosiness and elegance of our homes. Have the freedom to inspect every nook and cranny of our two display homes. You’ll have all the time to revel in its relaxing ambience and examine its high-grade design and finish.
  • Our beautiful display home is meant to show you what you’re exactly going to get. Our expert consultants can accompany you all throughout your experience and attend to your concerns and answer any question you may have.
  • Get the chance to discuss your preferences and design ideas with an expert house designer
  • We’re sure you have personal customisations in mind for your home. Visiting our display house will show you ways on how you can actualise your own design and specifications. You can lay out your own requirements, floor plan and interior and exterior design preferences so we can modify your chosen according to your expectations. Feel free to talk to one of our skilled in-house designers who can help you improve your ideas and present to you viable design options to make your abode feel more YOU!
  • Get detailed quotes on your preferred modular home and learn about cost-effective plans that work best for your taste and needs

Part of our hassle-free building process is to help you achieve your dream house without hurting your budget and without compromising quality. As reputable and trusted house builders in Devonport, Launceston, and all over Tasmania, our goal is to help every family and aspiring house-owner finally have a dwelling they can call their own.

Learn more about your process, contact Tasbuilt today. You can also book an appointment to visit our display home, and get design inspiration.


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