Best design ideas for dining rooms

The dining room is one of the most used rooms in the house...... Follow our ideas to make your dining room a place you’ll love!

The ceiling is as important as the floor – sometimes more so.

If you want to create an intimate feel for your dinner parties, visually lower a ceiling by installing a dark feature, like a stained wood slat design. Add a ceiling rose to hang a crystal pendant from to create a feeling a grandeur and the glorious days of high end dinner parties of days gone by..

Define your dining area with a rug.

You don’t have to create an island of colour, even one in a similar tone to the existing floor will create an island on which to welcome your dinner guests.

A dining room you can close off with glass doors is a great feature -

Set a stunning table setting then open the doors when your guests are ready to be seated and wow them with a beautiful surprise – guaranteed to please!

A beautiful tapestry wall hanging adds a feeling of faraway places to your dining experience –

think the Tuscan countryside, or a villa in Venice … your guests will almost feel like they are there!

Accentuate the head and the foot of your dining table with a different colour chair –

or a completely different chair design altogether – this draws the eye and creates a feeling of uniformity while still creating interest.

Use oversized dining room pendant lights in multiples to make a bold, expensive looking statement…

even a cheap lighting options can look sophisticated and create wow when set in twos or threes.
If you’ve got the budget (or a nice inheritance…or perhaps you’ve won tatts!?) a big stand out chandelier is a great way to set a high-end scene.

Add a stylish sideboard and a sparkling mirror.

This adds a touch of opulence and de ja vu.

Use colour in unexpected ways.

Add a splash of colour with a pink table runner, or maybe some flowers as a centre piece. A golden charger plate could also add a charming splash to your table setting, creating a grandeur scene.


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