Bigger, better, and warmer! R2.5 insulation batts are now standard at Tasbuilt

Tasbuilt has increased the standard exterior wall insulation in our homes to a high performance R2.5 insulation batt.

Small countryside cottage

As part of our commitment to provide the best insulation for your home, Tasbuilt have increased our standard exterior wall insulation to a high performance R2.5 batt.

While the R2 batt that we have used for some time has been a great performer, R2.5 batts that fit the standard 90mm cavity of an external wall are now readily available, and Tasbuilt Homes have decided to make these a standard inclusion in all our homes.

Along with our underfloor insulation, double glazing throughout, and insulated ceiling cavity, this increased wall insulation ensures your new home stays warm in winter, cool in summer, and doesn’t cost you the earth in power bills!

This upgrade is another step in our continued commitment to creating the Australian Family Dream for our clients

For more information on building a well-insulated house in Tasmania contact us on 1800 63 93 10 or send an enquiry online!


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