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Tasbuilt are proud to introduce you to – Wattyl – one of our great team of suppliers!

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Tell us a little about Wattyl including when it first started

Wattyl Paints Australia was first established in 1929. Today we have over 100 stores and 1000 employees across Australia and New Zealand. We have created such well-known brands such as Solagard, Kill-rust and Estapol which are still leading and trustworthy products today. Wattyl today is fully committed to sustainability and have created renewable energy factories across the country, the first of its kind in our industry. We have a loyal and committed team, helping all customers in creating the perfect environment for your home with colour.

What advice do you give to clients selecting their wall colours for their new homes?

When choosing colours, be sure to pick one that will complement and blend with all the features in your home, for example, your curtains and carpet. Be bold, find a colour that suits your personality to create a feature wall in your home.

Tasbuilt use the I.D Advanced Low Sheen wall paint – tell us a little about this product.

Wattyl have created a new interior paint range in I.D Advanced. This product delivers an advanced level of protection and washability. I.D Advanced resists bacteria and has anti-mould and mildew, and low odour. I.D Advanced exceeds all green-building requirements and is GECA rated.

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Are your products environmentally friendly?

Yes, all products used with Tasbuilt have been APAS and GECA certified, making them environmentally friendly.

How can the Wattyl website help our clients find the right colour for their new homes?

The Wattyl website has our full-colour pallet available. We also have A5 paint samples and test pots available, which you can purchase online and have delivered to your home so you can find the right colour every time.

Find us at:

What are your top 3 picks for 2023 from the range of products you offer?

Top 3 Product Ranges for 2023 are:

  1. I.D Advance
  2. Wattyl Solagard
  3. Wattyl Aqua Trim Water-based paint (new low-sheen available by October 2023)
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