5 Things Every New Home Builder Should Consider (And How Tasbuilt Can Help)

Here are five crucial aspects to remember when building a new house and how Tasbuilt can help.

Building a home means building a life. It can be extremely challenging. But like anything important, there are steps you can take to understand and make it easier.

As a leader in delivering transportable homes in Tasmania, at Tasbuilt, we ensure your home is a space you’ll love.

Here are five crucial aspects to remember when building a new house and how Tasbuilt can help.

Find Out What You Need

During the building process, you become partners with your chosen company. Finding the right partner builders means it’s crucial that their mission aligns with your goals. Make sure they have a simple process, and that you fully understand it.

Pre-built homes are convenient because they make building a house easy. It should be the same when working with homebuilders in Tasmania or wherever you might be. They should help explain anything you don’t understand and guide you through each step.

Tasbuilt builds with you in mind. It’s your decision that matters. You get to choose the design, the floor planning and have a say on the specifics. We work with you—not against you or ahead of you—to create the best place for you and your family.

Ask What Your Role Is in the Whole Process

Since you’re part of the project, it’s important to know your role as well. If you’re unclear, it’s okay to ask. For instance, you’ll need to decide and sign off on the designs, oversee plans and be available when requested, especially if it’s a crucial decision involving the property.

At Tasbuilt, we work with you closely but we make sure that all the major details involving your decision is finalised before moving forward with the project. We will consult you and keep you informed. You’re also welcome to check in with us anytime.

Staying on Top of Crucial Information (Local Requirements etc.)

One concern homeowners have is who will take care of council approvals, local requirements and the application process. When you work with us, Tasbuilt takes care of it for you! With your help, we acquire the necessary information, compile the paperwork and save you from the stress and headache that might come with it.

The development application happens once we have drawn up the plans for your home. You see them, approve them, as well as the site location, and then we submit the development application on your behalf. Afterwards, we also take care of the building application and the other processes entailed. For a small price – indicated in your initial plan – you can save yourself the hassle of undergoing this tedious process.

Solidify a Budget

The budget is one of the most sensitive items during property building. Without a plan to guide them, homeowners can easily go overboard. At Tasbuilt, we prevent this from happening by providing you with a financial breakdown even before the work gets underway. This gives you the option to set a budget and price you are comfortable with. Should you decide to take advantage of it, we also offer finance options, making your experience even easier.

Consider Insurance

Insurance during and after your place is built is mandatory for many contracts. As a homeowner, this serves as a guarantee that your new home is built to code. It ensures proper standards were followed and your safety as well as comfort, made a priority.

At Tasbuilt, we stand by our work by offering you a 12 month maintenance warranty along with a seven year structural warranty. It is our way of showing our thanks for making us part of building your dream home.

Ensuring you understand what it takes to creating a home will make the process easier. If you need help or have questions on how you can begin the process, give us a call. We would be glad to help you out.


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