Why Choose Tasbuilt?

Quality, Customisable, Modular homes for delivery across Tasmania.

Quality homes for every lifestyle.

Tasbuilt constantly strives to bring you the excellence and distinction you deserve by regularly examining new concepts, materials, and techniques for building/transporting prefabricated homes. As your home is constructed off-site, it is closely monitored to ensure a high quality of craftsmanship and finishes. Every Tasbuilt home is built to comply with all Tasmanian building codes and regulations and includes both a twelve-month maintenance warranty and a ten-year structural guarantee.

Completely customiseable homes.

Choosing a design for your new home is both exciting and challenging. As part of Tasbuilt's comprehensive service, we work with you to achieve a home design that perfectly matches your style and requirements.

At no additional charge, any one of our model home plans can be stretched, flipped, mirror-reversed, or altered to suit your individual needs. We believe the most important thing is that your new home is your own design, reflecting your unique taste and lifestyle. Tasbuilt can help you design a home that suits your ideal price bracket. We provide a fully detailed and itemised fixed-price proposal to help you work out what home design will best suit your budget.

Saving you time & money

Tasbuilt's unique and innovative modular construction process enables us to use efficient home-building methods that are not found in conventional building practices. As a result, your new home is built in an efficient, streamlined, and cost-effective manner. As your modular home specialist, we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve efficiency for better cost savings and lower the environmental impact of our construction process.

Lower environmental impact

By building your modular home off-site, Tasbuilt can monitor and control the collection and disposal of all waste produced during construction. All Tasbuilt homes are manufactured in an energy-efficient way that reduces the impact on the environment. The building process itself is far more environmentally friendly than conventional building processes because most construction is handled at our Westbury building facility.

How is Tasbuilt's construction process better for the environment?

  • Building supplies don’t need to travel, which means less fuel usage.

  • Minimal mess and waste created at your site.

  • Construction waste produced is completely minimised due to a closely monitored construction site.

  • Building time is far quicker and more efficient, so energy usage is lower.

Transportable Across Tasmania

Tasbuilt Homes offer state-wide delivery of homes (subject to suitable site access). The transporting and situating of your home is conducted by experienced and qualified personnel and will be included in your fixed-price building contract. Great care is taken to ensure your new home is unharmed during the moving process and delivered to your site in pristine condition!

Tasmanian-owned for your peace of mind

Tasbuilt is a family business owned and operated within Tasmania. Being locals ourselves, we’re naturally committed to Tasmanian families and their total satisfaction with their new modular home. With us, quality customer service always comes first (no matter what), and our after-sales support is second to none.

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