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Carports & Garages Gallery

Complete your new home with a carport or garage to give you extra storage and security.

Daily Commute or Pride and Joy? Store it Safe with a Tasbuilt Garage

In this page, we present our collection of carports and garages. Browse through our gallery of photos showing well-designed and highly functional carports and garages from some of the new homes we have completed around Tasmania. If you can't find a design that will suit your needs, then feel free to give us the specifications of your ideal garage. We are always willing and available to discuss with you the design you want, and we can offer great suggestions to help you improve your garage at home.

We understand how important a well-built and functional carport or garage is to home owners, especially to those owning more than one car or any other type of automobile. In residential areas especially, garages are not only made to shelter cars, but also used as storage for indoor or outdoor household equipment. Proper utilisation of space is important for a clutter-free and well-organised garage. It is our pleasure here at Tasbuilt Homes to share with you useful home-organising ideas and space-saving tips for your garage.

We make sure to use quality materials for your garage, employ installation standards, and see to it that it's durable and secure enough to protect your cars and household equipment. The whole design and functionality will depend on your preferences. And don't you worry because we're here all the way as a guide, to help you achieve the best garage for you and your whole family.

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