Transportable Eco Homes

Sit back & relax, we take care of it all!

At Tasbuilt, we specialise in providing quality, prefabricated, modular homes right across Tasmania. Our unique off-site construction process takes the hassle out of building your new home. Tasbuilt’s experienced team of consultants can manage your entire project, from initial design and council plans to the connection of services/utilities and landscaping. Choosing Tasbuilt Homes prevents problems such as accumulation of construction waste at your block, continual noise and dirt/dust, strained relationships with neighbours, and the inconvenience and expense of tradespeople/vehicles frequently coming and going for months on end.

Lower Environmental Impact

By producing your home off-site, Tasbuilt can completely monitor and control the collection and disposal of all waste produced during construction. Our modular construction methods allow us to keep waste and impact on your site to a minimum, eliminating the usual building litter and debris that accumulates on conventional building sites. Providing eco-friendly, sustainable homes Tasmania-wide is something we’re proud to do. By choosing Tasbuilt you’re reducing the impact the construction of your new home will have on the environment. To learn more about how modular construction is better for the environment than traditional building methods, click here!

Transportable Across Tasmania

Tasbuilt Homes offer complete state-wide transport of our homes (subject to suitable access to your site). The transporting and situating of your new home is conducted by experienced and qualified personnel and is included in your fixed-price contract (for sites within a 200km radius of Westbury). Tasbuilt takes great care to ensure your new home is unharmed during the moving process.


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