Which plan is best for me?

Choosing a design for your new home is both exciting and challenging. As part of our comprehensive service, we work with you to achieve a design that perfectly matches your tastes and requirements.

Tasbuilt homes has four home design collections to start from:

At no additional charge, any one of our home plans can be adapted or altered in any way to suit your individual style and needs. We believe it is most important that your new home is your own design, reflecting you and your taste perfectly!

Factors for choosing your new home plan

Whether you are using one of our home plans or creating a custom design from scratch, there are some key features to consider when selecting/crafting a design for your new home in Tasmania;

The site

Many factors about your site will affect the design of your new home. Is it a sloping block? Where are the services/utilities going to run? Are there any views you want to capture? Is there any existing site features such as large trees or waterways you need to workaround? Which side will the home's entry need to be on? By taking these factors into consideration, we can ensure your new home works effortlessly with your site.

Street Appeal

Make sure you consider what your home design will look like from the street! This is especially important for smaller, urban blocks where there is minimal setback from the road. On larger rural blocks, 'curb appeal' may not be as important, but it's still something you should evaluate as it forms the first impression of your home to visitors.

Your requirements

Think about how many bedrooms and bathrooms your home needs. Think about whether there are enough toilets to cater for any entertaining you hope to do. Another very important factor is whether you prefer an open living design, or separate living areas to allow the family to separate when need be. Don’t forget to include garages and decks in your list of requirements!

Your Price bracket

Tasbuilt can help you design a home to suit your price bracket. We provide a fully detailed and itemised fixed-price proposal to help you work out what home and design features will best suit your budget.

Energy Efficiency

Designing your home to capture the sun is critical in Tasmania. Having your living areas on the Northern side of your home will capture the most light, making your home brighter, warmer, and reduce your energy costs. Our experienced team is ready to help with strategically designing your new home to optimise the elements. Contact us now to arrange an appointment with a new home builder consultant!

Customising Your Home Construction

Most of the homes we build are completely custom designed. Let us help you create your own design, using our in-house CAD drafting tools. You can even view images of your home in 3D before finalising your design, allowing you to accurately visualise the finished product.

A Tasbuilt consultant will meet you on your chosen site, to ensure the design is best suited to the environment and orientation of your land. Following this, we will put together drawings of the design, and provide a detailed fixed-price costing proposal for your new home. This proposal includes any design extras such as decks, garages, interior features, etc. Your proposal will also include fixed-price costings for the drafting, engineering, and council applications.

A custom-designed modular home has many advantages. The layout is tailored to your family's activities and way of life. The home will tie in with the environment in which it is built. The living areas can be situated to face the northern sun, ensuring plenty of light and warmth, and saving you energy costs. Windows can be situated to best optimise your views. Bedrooms can be configured in the size, layout, and location of your choice throughout the home.

Custom-designing your home is fun and rewarding. Contact us today to start the process!

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