Design Concepts Gallery

Every year, Tasbuilt works with clients to design hundreds of concepts for unique modular homes. Browse this gallery to view a selection of them for yourself, and be inspired by some of the amazing designs we've created for clients Tasmania-wide!

Thank you for browsing Tasbuilt Homes' Design Concepts Gallery, jam-packed with unique, custom design ideas and inspiration for creating your new dream home in Tasmania. Tasbuilt are proud to have created a wide range of custom-designed homes, tailored to suit our client's individual tastes, styles, and lifestyle requirements.

You can browse through these images to find an exact design that works for you and then meet with our design team to start turning your new home into a reality. Or, we will work with you to design a concept from scratch that truly reflects the dream home you're envisioning!

With today's incredible range of high-tech and innovative building materials and finishes, building an amazing-looking home that is unique to you and your property is more possible than ever before. Choosing an experienced Tasmanian building contractor such as Tasbuilt Homes will bring a level of experience, confidence, and craftsmanship to your project that will allow you to explore new and innovative ideas for your new home. Our team will help you navigate the overwhelming range of options and work with you to sort the great ideas from the not-so-great ideas.

Building a new home is an exciting process and should be tailored to suit you. At Tasbuilt we firmly believe that one size does not fit all when it comes to building a new home!

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