We understand that if you're thinking of building a new home you probably have plenty of questions. Here are some of our most common FAQs answered to help you understand the process.

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How much does it cost to build a modular home?

The cost of a prefabricated Tasbuilt Home depends on the type of home design you are considering. As a guide, our 3-bedroom 2-bathroom homes range from $350,000- $650,000.

However, the costs of a custom-built Tasbuilt Home will range depending on the size of the home and the level of customisation included. Being a customised process means this can vary depending on site conditions, the design of your home, and many other factors. Tasbuilt offers a detailed fixed price proposal to assist with finalising your design and budgeting for the build of your new home.

Yes, our Tasbuilt Homes are fully insulated with premium insulation in the walls, floors, ceiling and on the window. We provide insulation solutions that meet & exceed council standards, therefore ensuring your upmost comfort and energy efficiency all year round.

Each Tasbuilt Homes includes the following insulation:

Underfloor insulation: R2 85mm POLY

Exterior wall insulation: R2.5 FIBREGLASS BATTS

Ceiling insulation: R3.5 FIBREGLASS BATTS

Roof insulation: R1.5 PERMASTOP

Yes, at Tasbuilt Homes we can build to whatever stage you require.

A ‘built to lockup’ home is essentially a shell, comprising of sheet flooring, exterior walls, windows and a roof. The ‘lockup’ definition means the dwelling is safe from the elements and secure from the outside.

One thing to be especially mindful when purchasing a home to this stage, is that it can seem initially a great price, but bear in mind there is still a lot to complete on the home to make it livable – you will have all your plumbing, electrical to run, plaster etc. …the list goes on.

Tasbuilt are happy to complete your home to this stage if its what you’re after, and it can be a very rewarding project for someone with a hands-on approach and time on their side. We do require you to take out an Owner Builder permit if building to lock-up to remove the onus from our company for building works completed by you.

Our specialised council consultants will take care of the entire council application and approval process for you. This includes arranging soil testing, bushfire reports, energy assessments, drafting, engineering and building surveying. All we require from you is to sign a document to allow us to act as your agent. This saves you many months of headache and hassle going back and forth with your council.

Yes, we specialise on building on sloping sites!

When it comes to structure for a sloped site, engineering is very important.

The floor frame on all our homes is an engineered, fully welded steel frame, which is braced and coated for corrosion protection. These house frames are fastened to steel piers set into concrete footings to the engineers’ specifications. Our solid yet simple floor structure means any of our designs can be easily modified to suit almost any terrain.

Yes, Tasbuilt are specialists in custom design. During the design process, our consultants may need to make slight alterations to your plan, to make it suitable to be built in the factory and transported to site, but will constantly liase with you throughout the process. We are more than happy to work with you to design a plan that suits you, your family and your lifestyle.

The cladding included in our standard package is your colour choice of maintenance-free Colorbond cladding. Colorbond profiles are so extensive these days as well, ranging from the standard corrugated profile to enseam, and much more.

But there are many other cladding options available, and the list is constantly growing. These include: Fibre Cement as weatherboards, axon or matrix sheets, vertical or horizontal shiplap/tongue and groove timber cladding... and many more!

If you have another type of cladding you would like to explore, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

Tasbuilt’s standard payment schedule is as follows:

- A payment of $10,000 payable on signing of contract (this is non-refundable)

- A 20% deposit (less the $10,000 already paid)

- A 10% instalment when the footing are installed on the site

- A 60% instalment when the home is completed to second fix stage, and installed on the client’s site and secured to the footings

- The balance of contract sum (10%) is payable at practical completion

Before installing your home, it is important to prepare the site ahead of time to ensure the quality of construction and the smooth flow of installation.

We recommend some preliminary steps – get Tasbuilt’s logistics team to do a site inspection, to clear the land, ensure the site has good accessibility, set boundaries for your site & get ready for delivery. Tasbuilt are always happy to quote to do any site preparation to make the installation as smooth as possible for both of us!

From King Island to South of Hobart, from remote wilderness to urban sites, we build homes Tasmania wide!

Yes, we are specialise in custom design. That’s why at Tasbuilt, whatever your age, location, flair or lifestyle, we can design the home that caters to you. You can use our wide range of proven floor plans to adapt them, stretch them, reverse them, or totally redraw them to create your own unique style.

Our experienced team can cover off every aspect from design right through to building approvals. Building and Plumbing Applications require a number of reports and documents to be collated succinctly, covering off on every aspect of the finished build. Council / building surveyors then look through the following supporting documents and ensure that the planned construction meets the respective codes.

We prefer to manage this process completely. Our great working relationships with service providers allows for reports to be collated in a timely manner and therefore Building and Plumbing Applications are received before the required date.

As prefab homes are produced off-site, they are closely monitored to ensure a very high standard of workmanship and quality in details. Each Tasbuilt home is built to fully comply with all regulations and building codes, and includes both a 12 month maintenance warranty and a 10 year structural guarantee.

For that final touch of distinction, Tasbuilt’s ‘Deluxe Home Package’ will not fail to impress. Our Deluxe Package inclusions are additional to our Standard Package inclusions, with the same emphasis on quality and comfort.

So what’s included?

- Your choice of quality nylon loop pile carpet from allowance, installed on underlay

- Your choice of vinyl floating or timber floor covering from allowance to kitchen

- Vertical blinds, slimline venetians, or roller blinds to all windows (excluding wet areas)

- Decorative light fittings/shade

Tasbuilt take full responsibility for any damage that occurs during the delivery process. But with an experienced cartage company that we’ve used for many years, and a logistics team that take their job very seriously, rest assured this is a very rare occurrence. Tasbuilt’s insurance will cover your home until the formal handover process is complete and you have received your keys.

Tasbuilt can certainly cater for disabled clients, having built a number of accessible cabins, offices etc in the past. The National Construction Code specifies how buildings must be constructed to comply with the Premises Standards, which is to make sure disabled people have equal access to public buildings, and this has come into play in a number of Tasbuilt projects. Things these buildings include would be wider door frames, grab-rails, vanity basins at wheelchair height, tac tiles and brail signs to name a few.

No, a Tasbuilt Home is a prefabricated home, fully constructed in our purpose built Westbury facility, before being installed onsite. We complete the entire process from design to handover, under a fixed price contract. The advantage of this method is a streamlined process without the risk of cost blowouts and the stress of managing the building process.

A kit home is delivered to your site in components with instructions on how to construct them, there is a possibility that some pieces may not fit together which will need more time and effort to take them away and re-alter. Most construction must happen onsite, hence the bad weather can significantly impact the projects pace prolonging the projects length.

Yes, our Tasbuilt Homes are the same quality as regular on-site builds. We constantly strive to bring you the excellence and distinction you deserve by regularly examining new concepts, materials and techniques for building and transporting prefabricated homes. As your home is constructed off-site, it is closely monitored to ensure a high quality of craftsmanship and finishes. Every Tasbuilt home is built to comply with all Tasmanian building codes and regulations and includes both a twelve month maintenance warranty and a ten year structural guarantee.

Planning Applications are required for new dwellings, ancillaries, commercial buildings, and sheds. This is the first part of the council process where Town Planners at Council look to ensure that your design and application meets the Planning Scheme and any effected overlays. Some of the overlays that we see are Natural Values, Agricultural, Landslip, Coastal Erosion and Heritage. As a part of our Council Applications service Tasbuilt will guide you through this process.

Standard size of our modules is 10 metres x 4.0 metres, this works well for transport, standard steel sizes etc. The maximum size we can build is 18 meters in length x 6 meters in width. In dealing with modules of this size, we would also complete an evaluation of the block to see if it can get to site (road width, bridges etc) and safe for cranage.

A fold down roof is a roof design that due to it being a steeper pitch would make it unable to be transported, as the ground to ridge height would exceed legal requirements for transporting over size loads. Therefore, the complete roof is manufactured in Westbury but with hinges where each rafter meets the external wall and hinges along the ridge line, therefore one side of the roof will sit under the other section for transport. This is very common in the Tasbuilt Platinum range.

A lot of factors come in to play with this, being if you were in a residential town it would be normal for electricity and water to be readily available and you would basically connect to the water main and run an overhead wire from the closest pole to the house. If in semi-rural areas there could be electricity and water but could be 100 meters away and this would involve digging a trench from the house to the pole and placing a conduit and water line in the trench and covering that up. If nothing was available (eg. completely off grid, this would require 2 x 22000ltr water tanks, pumps and also solar equipment and large storage batteries). We have experts on hand to discuss all this for you and handle the process – all part of our 'complete package solution'!

A BAL rating is Bushfire Attack Level rating, it is basically a calculator to establish the volume of hot embers that your home would endure during a serious fire, other factors also considered are accessibility to water, eg a Dam, naturally running creek etc. A bushfire assessment would always be required for a build where there is any combustible foliage or trees. The BAL rating is determined by the Bushfire assessment process and will certify the land as either 12.5, 19 or 29, with 29 being the highest. The rating will affect the build eg if a BAL 29, window fly screens will need to be upgraded and subfloor material upgraded.

High ceilings will transform and open up a room like no other design feature can. Ceiling height not only equals space, it also creates an open, airy feel and increases light in the room as there is more surface area off which light can bounce. At Tasbuilt, we can build flat ceilings to 2.7m high, although raked/cathedral ceilings can slope from 2.4m to 3.6m high

If you have any other questions please fill out the form below or contact one of our friendly consultants today who will be happy to help you.

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