Modular Homes

Our modular homes are efficient, versatile, and stylish, making them the perfect option for first-time homeowners or retirees.

A Smart, Stylish Solution For All Tasmanian Locations

Tasbuilt's modular homes are not only efficient and hassle-free to build, but they are very versatile and stylish in their design. This makes them perfect for first-time homeowners or retirees/downsizers. Tasbuilt is Tasmania's leading modular builder, so when planning your next home, contact us to bring your vision to life!

Why is modular better than a home built in the traditional way on-site?

1. Less Hassle

Tasbuilt’s simple, end-to-end, 6-step process takes the hassle out of building your new home.

2. Minimal Disruption

Building a modular home prevents problems such as the accumulation of construction waste, continual rubbish/dust on-site, construction noise and strained relationships with neighbours, and the inconvenience of tradespeople/vehicles coming and going for months on end.

3. Lower Environmental Impact

By building your modular home off-site, Tasbuilt can monitor and control the collection and disposal of all waste produced during construction. All Tasbuilt homes are manufactured in an energy-efficient way that reduces the impact on the environment. The building process itself is far more environmentally friendly than conventional building processes because most construction is handled at our Westbury building facility.

4. Fast Construction

No time is lost due to bad weather, on-site vandalism, or pilfering, as your home is built undercover at our secure facility.

5. Move-In On Time

Tasbuilt enables you to have the benefit of knowing exactly when you will be moving in, without the hassle of having to organise a huge clean-up once construction is finished.

A modular home building experience is efficient, simple, and stress-free! Call 1800 639 310 to learn more about the benefits of building with Tasbuilt.


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