How Modular Homes Benefit the Environment

6 eco-efficiencies of prefabricated modular homes.

Installation of Modular Home on Steel Peirs

There’s a host of eco-efficiencies built into modular home design and building, which now puts it at the forefront of the industry when it comes to sustainable practices, saving on resources and staying environmentally conscious.

1.Modern materials

Modular builders are at the cutting edge in terms of the building materials we use. We’re constantly adapting our designs to incorporate building innovations which have a sustainability impact. Our team of designers and procurement experts are ready to bring you the latest advice.

2.Re-usability of materials

Components of modular buildings can be re-used, re-purposed, adapted for use in new or expanded buildings, or even sold on when you’re done with them. They’re endlessly flexible - just add good design and imagination.

3.Eco-friendly features

The design and infrastructure of modular homes can easily account for eco-friendly features, such as solar panels and rainwater tanks, that will not only save you money but help save the planet! Tasbuilt's design consultants also have a diverse range of interior design solutions to help you build an eco-efficient home; solutions such as double-glazed windows and wood/gas fires to naturally heat your home, and LED lights to help save power.

4.Reduced waste

The highly efficient build style of modular means there’s less wastage of materials. Traditionally, the building industry has accounted for a huge percentage of landfill. That’s no longer the case with modular building, where materials are purchased at scale and precision measured for each project. These are changes we’re proud to be making in our industry.

5.Transport efficiencies

Our modular buildings are constructed offsite and then transported for installation. This makes for an exciting journey and possibly some interesting traffic scenarios, but also cuts down the need for multiple trips by builders’ trucks, trades and suppliers, especially if your build site is in a remote location.

6.Portability of homes

Modular can mean portable. Buildings can be re-used for future projects elsewhere or moved to a different site to answer a different need. That means reduced requirement for new buildings and raw materials.

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