What are the best kit homes?

The best kit homes are the ones where the builder takes care of it all - let Tasbuilt make your new home dream an easy one!

Landscaped Garden around Transportable Home

A Tasbuilt Home is different to a ‘kit home’ and has a number of advantages, depending on the type of project you are looking to build.

While the process varies between suppliers, a kit home is usually supplied in individual components, delivered in one or more containers, with accompanying installation instructions. It is then usually up to the owner to assemble the home, or engage a builder to complete the assembly process. The advantages of this system are the ability for the owner to be personally involved, and thereby hopefully reduce some of the costs.

A Tasbuilt Home is a prefabricated home, fully constructed in our purpose built Westbury facility, before being installed onsite. As Tasbuilt are a fully licensed builder in Tasmania, we complete the entire process from design to handover, under a fixed price contract. The advantage of this method is a streamlined process without the risk of cost blowouts and the stress of managing the building process.

To find out more about how we offer a great alternative to the ‘kit home’ process contact the Tasbuilt team today.


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