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Our Discovery Meeting service is another unique element of our build process that clients love!

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If you’ve found your ideal block of land and you’re ready to start exploring designs for your new home, it can be a daunting process to know where to start first or who to talk to. How do you find the perfect design that not only suits your style aesthetic, but your chosen plot of land? What features do you want included (e.g., solar panels, decks/verandahs, carports) and how will they all work together? How can you be sure that your new home layout will not only ‘flow’ from room-to-room, but will actually suit your lifestyle?

The best way to navigate these types of questions and ensure the dream home in your head actualises in real life is Discovery Meetings, a crucial step in all Tasbuilt’s new home projects. Tasbuilt Homes is committed to not only building homes that are visually beautiful but working with clients to create abodes that are functional, suit their current lifestyle, and will continue to best serve them in future years as their lifestyle changes. We’ve found the key to achieving this is through the ‘Discovery Meeting’.

A Discovery Meeting is a free service offered by Tasbuilt Homes, where we take a deep dive into your personal requirements, lifestyle, design likes/dislikes, and overall vision for your dream home. It follows a structured process that’s proven successful time and time again, all guided by one of our experienced home design experts. Our Discovery Meetings go for around one to two hours and are an invaluable investment to ensure your new build turns out exactly how you want it.

In our Discovery Meetings, we don’t just talk about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, or square meterage of the floor area, we dig deeper into more important questions, such as your key priorities and concerns, the underlying reasons why you are building a new home, and what success looks like to you for your new build. Diving into this deeper level of understanding allows us to design you a home that is a true reflection of your dreams and manage the construction process in way that aligns to your specific requirements - Ben Trimmer, Tasbuilt Project Leader

As part of this ‘discovery’ process, Tasbuilt also spends time analysing your chosen land block; looking at where the best views are, assessing how to maximise sunlight inside your home, what impact the slope and access to the block might have on your design, where the service connections are located (e.g., water mains and power) etc.

Following on from the Discovery Meeting, your Tasbuilt Sales Consultant will be able to provide you with an indicative cost estimate for your new home, before discussing the next steps towards to a fully detailed proposal.

If you've chosen the block of land for your new home, contact us today to discuss booking in a Discovery Meeting with the Tasbuilt team!


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