Tasbuilt's answer to an organised wardrobe!

You cant procrastinate any longer….it’s not going to go away…it's time to clear out your wardrobe….Take a deep breath, gather your strength and take the bull by the horns!With Tasbuilt’s helpful advice, your wardrobe will be Autumn ready in no-time!

Step 1. Sort through your clothes

Sort through your wardrobe with a ruthless mind with the objective of removing unwanted and unnecessary clothes….a place for everything and everything in its place!

  • Pull everything out of your wardrobe and place it all on the bed….and the floor….and down the hallway!....groan!!!!
  • Have three garbage bags handy labelled - Keep – Donate – Trash
  • Sort through your clothing items and allocate them into appropriately labelled garbage bags.
  • Then sort through your shoes and accessories with the same mantra….shoes…don’t you sometimes wonder if you are a millipede!

A general rule to follow is that if you haven’t worn something for six months, it’s time to donate the item to a charity or send it to the trash.

Now you’re ready to get organised!

Step 2. Store seasonal and bulky items

If you own a huge walk-in robe with oodles of storage space, fantastic!...you are one of the lucky few….and you won’t be needing this next tip. For those who don't, read on...

Seasonal items take up a lot of necessary space in your wardrobe. Consider storing them in vacuum seal bags and then stacking them on the top shelves of your wardrobe, or in another room of your home….or under a bed..

Not only do vacuum bags take up less space they are also great for keeping out dust and bugs. You can also store bulky items in a spare wardrobe if you have access to one…but resist the temptation to just clear one and move everything to another….I know…believe me!

Step 3. Re-arrange clothes for frequency of use

Now that you’ve reduced the quantity of clothes it’s time to refill your wardrobe.

  • Keep your wardrobe organised and easy to use by grouping your clothes by type.
  • Start at one end of your hanging space and hang small items such as tops, shorts, skirts, and then work your way towards larger items such as pants and dresses.
  • Use this method for shoes and accessories too. Push your spring and summer shoes to the front of your shoe rack and winter shoes to the back. You’ll save time having everything you need arranged for their frequency of use.

Step 4. Return everything to its place

Your goal is to be able to see everything inside your wardrobe upon opening its doors.

Keep your wardrobe sorted by returning everything to its place after use and after washing. It sounds simple, because it is! The few minutes it takes to return your clothes to their rightful place works wonders in maintaining an organised wardrobe.

Create good habits and a sorted wardrobe will follow!

Now where are those silver stilettos?.....did you borrow that pink shirt?.....has anyone picked up that green dress from the dry cleaners?....



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