Kings Fine Art Gallery at Dolphin Sands

A home among the gum trees.....oh, and did we mention a beautiful art gallery and cafe too?.... We are so proud to have made this dream a reality!

Tasbuilt Homes were contacted by Laurie and Sherry King to design and create a new home and art gallery on their property at Dolphin Sands, on the East Coast of Tasmania. The small, scrubby acreages behind the beautiful beaches of Dolphin Sands are home to a vast collection of birds and wildlife, and a perfect setting for Laurie’s paintings

The home and gallery were completed in late 2017 and opened soon afterwards, serving tea and (scrumptious) homemade scones to discerning art lovers and friendly locals. The gallery area has a spacious raking ceiling and a great combination of natural and LED lighting to ensure the paintings and prints are displayed in the best possible way. Out the front is a cosy verandah where guests can relax and enjoy the mouth-watering scones

The two bedroom home is directly accessed off the gallery and includes a commercial kitchen (for making those beautiful scones) a walk in pantry, a spacious master bedroom with rolling views through the bush at the rear of the property, and a stylish bathroom complete with walk in shower

You can pay a visit to the Kings Fine Art Gallery to view Laurie’s amazing paintings and treat yourself to some of the best scones you will ever have. Find out a bit more by going to

Oh… and before I forget....try the you've ever tasted, I bet!!

Photos supplied by our happy clients, Laurie & Sherry King



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