5 minutes with Lauren Fyfe, our Southern Field Consultant

Lauren has recently joined our sales team, and is already kicking goals! We took five with her, and this is what she told us – Go Lauren!!

Tell us something about yourself…

I love to travel and have been to 7 countries so far. Since I wont be able to get on a plane for a while, I am really keen to get out and explore more of beautiful Tasmania.

What is your favourite question to ask a new prospect?

I love asking people what they know about Tasbuilt Homes. It always sparks an interesting conversation about our unique construction process and helps me to understand why they chose to contact us!

What motivates you?

I love talking to people and finding out about their building plans and ideas. And food… I love food..

Sell me a BIC 4 colour pen in four sentences!

BIC 4 colour pen is the ultimate pen of choice. It can turn you into a pro organiser as you colour code your notes. Keep you entertained as you mindlessly click each colour down. And last but not least it revolutionises your doodles as you now have more than one colour to play with.

When do you stop pursuing a client, and why?

When they are happily moved into their Tasbuilt Home. I strive to provide the best customer experience I can and want to ensure I am available to assist our valued clients throughout the whole process

Where do you see Tasbuilt as a company in five years time?

I see us growing and helping more people. Perhaps an office and even a factory down South

Explain how you handle rejection or negativity – a story from a past experience

I consider myself to be a positive person. I once got rejected when applying for a store managers position at my old company. I could have taken offence to the rejection and let it get me down but chose to take the feedback onboard and worked hard to help the new team member who got the position to learn the ropes.

And just for fun…..

You’re a new addition to the crayon box…. What colour would you be, and why?

Definitely rainbow. I always try to be bright and happy!


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