We take 5 with Fiona, our new Client Liaison team member

Fiona has joined the client liaison team here at Tasbuilt, and she comes with a wealth of experience having come from the financial services sector …. We thought we’d take 5 to get to know her a little better….welcome to the team, Fiona!

Name one personality trait that you possess that will greatly enhance your job role here at Tasbuilt

I really love to help people! It’s always my aim to make sure my customer is happy, especially when it comes to their dream home.

What knowledge from your previous job have you already been able to apply at Tasbuilt?

Coming from a strong customer service background I find that my listening skills help me connect with customers and create a great relationship.

As you know, Tasbuilt are commencing a new shed/office complex- do you have any ideas of ways to improve our new office space?

A coffee machine would certainly increase productivity!

What is your definition of ‘hard work’?

Always striving for the best outcome for both the client and the business, and never settling for “good enough”

Do you have any future goals you’d like to share with us?

At this point I’m just excited to start taking on new clients and seeing them through the whole build process, and hoping they send me photos once they’ve moved in.

What made you first apply for the position at Tasbuilt?

As soon as I read the job description I knew it was right for me! Not only do I have experience in the building industry and customer service, but I also absolutely love interior design and keeping up with the recent trends on Instagram.

Where do you see the building industry in Tasmania in 5 years time?

I think we will see a big increase in people moving to Tasmania from the mainland which will drive a boom in the Tasmanian building industry, with our new bays opening next year we will hopefully be able to keep up with demand!

And just for fun…. You’re a new crayon in the Tasbuilt box, what colour crayon would you be, and why?

Probably a colour changing crayon. I’ve found over the years that I can be very adaptable to change, especially after living overseas a few times. It has definitely come in handy for 2020!


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