Our Tips to Create an Amazing Table Setting

A beautiful table setting sets the scene for a memorable evening like nothing else does – from a black tie dinner to a casual family brunch – a welcoming table, laden with love is the perfect starting point!!

Something to wow

Cleverly placed mismatched pieces of crockery can enchant and inspire conversation and a feeling of nostalgia and interest. Mix up colours and patterns while keeping a cohesive theme – florals, neutrals, pastels etc.

Invite nature to your table

Foliage makes a special touch to a table setting – be it merely some gum leaves or fresh herbs at each setting, or a beautiful floral centrepiece its guaranteed to impress. Small potted plants as name place holders make a lovely and practical addition and can be taken home at the end of the evening as a lovely memento of an enjoyable evening.

Celebrate the season!

In winter, think pinecones, holly berries – autumn, some beautiful leaves – spring, a daffodil at each setting – summer, some shells to celebrate the beach …. Take inspiration from the time of year – look around you and savour what’s in the moment, you won’t be disappointed!!

Create an ambience atmosphere

Candle and lanterns create mood and light the soothe and keep things warm and mellow – tea light candles dotted down the centre of the table can make a great addition, as can a collection of pillar candles in the centre of the table – bring on the light and love!

Colour, colour, colour!!

Nothing like a pop of colour – whether you are wanting a Mad Hatters Tea Party effect, or subtle pastels for a baby shower afternoon tea – draw the eye with something bright and cheerful – after all, who doesn’t love colour??

Feeling Fruity

Choose a mix of lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits and weave them into your place settings and centre piece for a bright citrus twist. For a unique floral arrangement, use scooped-out oranges as flower vessels at each setting. Even a simple bowl of lemons in the centre of a white table setting looks absolutely amazing! Let the fruit work for you!


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