colour palettes to create a peaceful haven

Let us help colour your world!

Interior designers and paint manufacturers predict colour trends every year, and our Tasbuilt design team are all over them. When it comes to choosing colours for your home it’s great to take note of recent trends, but it’s more important to choose colours that speak to you and reflect your personal style.

Most of our clients are looking for colours that create a sense of serenity and calm. Here’s three trending colour palettes that draw on nature or softer shades of bright colours to create fresh, relaxing spaces in the home.


Biophilic’ design and colours are on really trend right now. They’re colours drawn from natural landscapes that make us feel instantly at peace and relaxed. Biophilic design favours green in all its forms, from the lightest sage to moss and deeper forest hues. It also incorporates earthy tones like gentle browns, greys, stone shades and sandy colours found in rocks and pebbles in nature. This palette teams beautifully with timbers and plants, bringing the outdoors in to create a tranquil ambience.

Image credit: Dulux Australia

Warm Neutrals

Neutral colours don’t have to equal bland and boring! We love to layer with warmer versions of classic neutral colours like beige, clay, biscuit, cream that have yellow, brown and orange undertones. These hues are flexible with most furniture and décor and combine easily to create a cosy space that is inviting and relaxing.

Pale Pastels

Pastels, which are basically lighter shades of bright colours, can add playful, funky feel to a room while still being discreet. Think dusty pinks, frosted blues, pale peach and pops of mint. Pastel colours give a room a fresh, calming feel and is great style for those who love pops of colour without being too loud.

Tasbuilt’s Design Consultants can help you explore different colour palettes for your home, to create a space that reflects your style and that has a cohesive look and feel.

Check out our online galleries for a sample of what our Design Consultants can help you create!


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