Advantages of making a tree change to rural Tasmania

Leave the hustle and bustle behind - try a tree change to the idyllic island of Tasmania!

So many people are moving to or want to move to Tasmania because we’re spectacularly blooming as a state - trees, greenery, awesome people, magnificent beaches, mountains, and whatnot. Among them, there are also some amazing residential zoned bush blocks for sale at reasonable prices. Tree changers from the mainland ditch the big city life to find a haven for a more laid-back lifestyle in rural Tasmania. The spread from towns to rural living benefits sustainable economic, social, and environmental outcomes. An increasing number of Australian urbanites are investing their savings and futures into country real estate dreams in Tasmania.

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Here is why many consider a tree change to Tasmania:

- Demand for residential sites in rural Tasmania with water or mountain views is growing. The fluctuating fortunes of the agriculture industry, orcharding enterprises and the structuring of farms generally into larger landholdings now create opportunities for residential development. This is further assisted by improving road networks that allow residents to commute to municipal areas.

- Whether you’re planning your lifestyle move to a semi-urban city, coast or country, Tasmania has employment and business opportunities and affordable housing and schooling.

- Parents looking for a clean, green country upbringing for kids. Rural living gives children room to grow and run, stretching out on bigger land sizes means space for extra bedrooms, big backyards, and pets.

- Tasmanians are a close-knitted community, everyone knows everyone, everyone looks out for everyone and spends a simple and happier lifestyle.

- The rhythm of life is easy with a mild climate in a warming world affording bountiful fresh air and a world of relaxation.

- Sustainable living lets you enjoy the moment and maintain a work-life balance

- Lower living costs.

So, what are you waiting for? Tasmania offers so much to those looking for a change of scenery and Tasbuilt Homes can guide you through the process of finding the right home for you in the right location to best suit your needs. We will make sure the process of your transition is a smooth one and we’re here to help you every step of the way.


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