5 minutes with our Second Year Apprentice, Lucas Halley

Lucas loves the land of the Kiwi, hiking and 4 wheel driving. He's also a valuable team player at Tasbuilt - but what's his favourite ice-cream flavour??

Tell us About Yourself

I'm 22 and a 2nd year apprentice carpenter. I spend my free time hiking, 4 wheeling and prospecting.

What is one improvement you think could be made at Tasbuilt?

I think adding a reward/effort system would help motivate people to push themselves and in return it would help the business complete work faster.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

If my current plan is successful in 5 years, I will be either travelling around the globe or relocating to New Zealand. I hope in 5 years time I'll be able to rebuild my engine (td42)

What is your favourite ice cream?

My standard favourite ice cream would have to be cookies & cream but my fav rare flavour is pistachio (nut).

Can you list Tasbuilts core values?



Pursue Excellence


What's your favourite holiday destination?

New Zealand is the only other country I've traveled to and is my favourite destination at this point in time but Iceland would be my number one place I'd like to travel to.

Describe your current job role in 3 words:

Information Sponge Unit


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