Tasbuilt Homes - A streamlined process for a faster build

Do you want to be in your new home sooner? Take advantage of our off-site construction system to save months of waiting time! Expert House Builders in Devonport, Burnie and throughout Tasmania. Delivery State-wide.

Tasbuilt Homes - expert house builders in Devonport, Burnie and throughout Tasmania - have specialised in off-site construction of modular homes since 2003.

By constructing your home offsite, in our purpose built manufacturing facilty, Tasbuilt can ensure your new home is built quickly, and all the time maintaining the highest standard of quality. Off site construction reduces down time due to weather, delayed deliveries, damaged materials, and no-shows from unreliable tradespersons. Building a modular home can save you up to 12 months compared to a traditional onsite construction!

The streamlined process starts well before the first beam is cut for your new home. You will be pleasantly surprised by the efficient and professional way our staff walk you through the detailed selection process, ensuring every feature in your new home is to your choosing. Then you can sit back and relax as our experienced staff take care of all the approvals and paperwork required for council

Once construction commences an average 3 bedroom home takes just 5 weeks in our factory, and is then ready to be delivered to your site. Watch in awe as our slick teeam deliver your new home with the competence that comes from years of training

The completion of your home on site will take around 4-6 weeks, depending on the specific project requirements. Your dedicated Tasbuilt consultant will meet you onsite during this time to ensure everything is on track, eready for you to take posession of your dream home

To learn more about our streamlined process, contact us today on 1800 639 310



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