5 Home Upgrades Worth The Investment

How can you elevate the luxury and comfort levels of your new home? What design features are worth adding now?

Designing and building a new home from scratch is the perfect opportunity to invest in those features you’ve always wanted. Think about the extra comforts you’d like to experience in your new home every day and the ambiance you want to create before you start the design process. This way, when you start talking to builders (like Tasbuilt) they can capture exactly what you're envisioning when crafting your plans. They can also make recommendations along the way that you may not have thought of to elevate your design further.

Of course, when you come to designing your new home you need to be practical in regards to your budget, and prioritising what needs to be included in the initial build and what can remain on the ‘wish list’ for a later date. When considering the design elements of your home, there are certain features that can’t be ‘added later’, such as roofs and windows. There are also some features that end up costing more and being more complicated if you add them to your home at a later date, such as underfloor heating and alfresco areas, so you need to weigh up the pros/cons.

Here’s 5 design upgrades we recommend considering during the initial design process, to elevate the style and comfort of your home...


The placement, scale, and scope of windows is a design decision that should be made early in the home design process. Strategically designed and placed windows will maximise natural light and warmth in your home, and optimise views from your property. Check out the glorious picture windows in this Customised Holiday Home for a great example!


The roof/ceiling design is obviously something you can't add to your home, later on, so should be one of the first design elements you consider when initially building. The pitch and style of your roof really dictates the overall character and aesthetic of your home, and there are a lot of design possibilities available. Investing in a stunning roof that makes a statement will make your home feel spacious, grand, and luxurious (no matter its square meterage). Check out out the beautiful panel-lined raking ceiling in this Boutique Visitor Accommodation build for roof inspo!


Including ducted and reverse cycle heating/air conditioning in your home will keep you comfortable all year round, no matter the weather outside. Underfloor heating is also a worthwhile investment moving forward after your build, to add an extra level of luxury and relaxation to key rooms.


You spend a lot of time in your bathroom, so it's important to make it feel like a sanctuary where you can relax and unwind. There are many design elements and decor additions you can add when building a bathroom, to elevate its luxury and comfort level. Stepless showers, heated towel rails, a built-in shower niche, a recessed bath - the options are endless! Check out our Bathrooms Gallery for inspo.


Create seamless indoor/outdoor living by incorporating an alfresco area in your build, under the same roofline. This addition is perfect for those who love entertaining and makes indoor areas feel more spacious with effortless transition to the outdoors. The strategic positioning of an alfresco area, and the addition of shutters, means you can use this space all year round and are protected from the elements. Check out our Extended Sheridan project for an awesome example!

At Tasbuilt, our motto is ‘creating the Australian family dream’, so we love helping our customers choose their ultimate upgrades and watching their excitement and wonder as the exact home they envisioned comes to life!

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