Can we build your new home on a sloping block?

Tasmania is a beautiful state, with many incredible views and breathtaking landscapes. This means that for many clients building in Tasmania, the chosen building site is anything but flat. The good news is, Tasbuilt can help!

The Tasbuilt floor frame is an engineered, fully welded steel frame, braced and coated for corrosion protection. This frame as fastened to galvanised steel piers set into concrete footings to the engineer’s specifications. This solid yet simple floor structure means any of our designs can be easily adapted to suit almost any terrain.

Elevating your home on steel piers can dramatically increase your views, as well as save you the expensive process of excavating the site. Site excavations have potential to blow out in cost, and often result in requiring extra drainage and retaining walls.

If you are looking to build on a sloping site in Tasmania, contact Tasbuilt today to discuss custom designing your home to maximise your elevation and outlook.



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