Tasbuilt welcomes Doctor Bear Ruth and Pilot Bear Henry to the team!

We are proud to introduce our newest recruits to the team - the new Tasbuilt mascots

Dave Groves Photography Tasbuilt 04

Tasbuilt are proud to have recently adopted two care bears: Pilot Bear Honey and Doctor Bear Ruth.

Morning, I'm Henry - and I've been a CareFlight pilot for over 20 years now. They say I'm the life of the party when the Bear family get together. But there's nothing I like better than flying, especially when it's to the rescue.
Pilot Bear Henry – The Dashing One

Hi, I’m Dr Ruth. Being a CareFlight doctor is such an important job. Every day, we fly to accidents saving lives. It could be a big car crash, or a fall from a house roof, or a near drowning in a pool. All I ever wanted to do growing up was to fly and save lives. I’m so lucky to have both my dreams come true.
Doctor Bear Ruth

We gladly welcome Ruth and Henry as the new Tasbuilt mascots and are pleased to be able to support such an amazing organization that is dedicated to supporting the healthcare system to save lives, assist in speedy recovery and to serve the community. To Find out more about CareFlight click here.


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