“Staying in is the new going out”...4 fun ideas for your living area…

Make your living room fun...the kids will never want to leave it!

Games table. If your crew loves to play cards and Monopoly, consider adding a games table to your living area. A slender table with stools can be pushed against the wall when not in use, with the stools tucked underneath.

Chalkboard wall. Kids love chalkboard walls, it’s true … but shhhh… they are not the only ones! Use yours to record inspiring quotes, snippets of poems and song lyrics, or draw doodles and write lists. If you’re concerned about dust, use chalk pens; if you’re concerned about the room looking too dark, how about using one of the new chalk paints that can be tinted in any hue? … start doodling!!

Lively artwork. Adding a single piece of original artwork is always a great way to start (or complete) a room design and can take a living room from basic to stunning in the time it takes you to hang a picture... might take a bit longer if the ‘home handyman’ has to do it…!?! To highlight a painting, keep other wall art to a minimum, and paint the walls white or another neutral hue to provide a backdrop for the art.

Projection paint. If your family loves movie night, why not go with a projector instead of a giant TV? A blank wall painted with flat white projection paint, and a projector built into the wall opposite to create a mini screening area. If you don’t want a built-in projector, you can buy a small projector that works with your smartphone or another device... popcorn, anyone??

The living room is where you go to relax, watch movies, play games and hang out with friends, live life and have fun! So, it’s a no-brainer that it’s also a great place in which to loosen up and have fun, decorating-wise..

“Staying in is the new going out”….so create a fun, welcoming atmosphere in your family room by incorporating some of our favourite playful features…your kids will never want to leave the house!!

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