5 Ideas for small gardens

Inspiration to make your small home garden something special

A small garden space doesn’t mean you can’t have the garden you want. We've collected some great ideas to make the most out of your small garden.

Create an outdoor Room

Turn a tiny patio into a gorgeous outdoor room by adding a freestanding arch.

Go Gravel

Crushed brick or gravel is a beautiful and low-maintenance paving option for small gardens. Just be sure to spread a layer of landscape fabric underneath the gravel to keep weeds from popping through.

Welcome Wildlife

Even a small garden can become a haven for birds and butterflies when you choose flowers they prefer. A bird feeder and birdhouse add to the garden’s wildlife-friendly features.

Colour your world

Shady backyards are a great place to spend a hot summer afternoon, but too often, they can be a bit dark and dull. Brighten the view with colourful pillows, fabrics, outdoor rugs and pots in a variety of colours and patterns.

Capitalize on trees

If you have large trees with bare spots underneath them, why not put the barren ground to use by creating an outdoor living space?

If you have any other garden ideas that have helped you out, let us know on the Tasbuilt Homes facebook page.


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