10 signs you have found quality in a modular home

Tasbuilt offers quality assurance every step of the way!!


If you are considering a modular home or building for your next project, you have made a great choice. Modular construction is the way of the future, and we have hundreds of satisfied clients that can testify to the fact that a modular solution is a streamlined and hassle free method of building

Like everything, there are varying levels of quality in modular homes. Here are ten tips that will help you identify a high quality home

The ‘chassis’, or floor frame – The key to the strength of a modular home is usually in the engineered subfloor frame. Tasbuilt Homes uses a welded steel chassis, which is over-engineered to ensure that your home is safe and secure for the transport process, and you don’t experience a springiness in your floor. On top of this Tasbuilt uses a glued and screwed 22mm flooring for maximum strength

Stud size and spacing- In the past modular homes have been known for using minimum wall frame thicknesses with maximum stud spacing to keep cost and weight to a minimum. At Tasbuilt, we believe the structural quality of a modular home should be not only equivalent , but better than a site built home. Companies that use smaller than normal framing thicknesses not only decrease the strength and longevity of your home, but reduce the ability to install maximum insulation in the wall cavities

Wind Bracing – A modular home needs excellent wind bracing, both to ensure the home stays straight and true through the transport and installation process, and also to ensure your comfort and safety over the lifetime of your home. A well-constructed modular home will have extensive ply bracing, especially on the external walls, but also on selected internal walls. The use of an engineered steel footing system, securely concreted in and brace accordingly, is another critical bracing component

Insulation – Insulation is vital to ensuring your home is comfortable to live in, and also to keeping your energy costs as low as possible. Tasbuilt provide extensive insulation under the floor, in all external walls, in the ceiling, and a composite blanket is installed under the roof sheets. Along with good design and orientation, quality insulation ensures your new home will achieve a minimum ‘star rating’ of 6 stars

Interior lining – If your new modular home is well designed and braced, then there is no reason you should not be able to have a quality plasterboard finish throughout. Previous versions of modular homes have had to include unsightly joining strips and expansion joints, or use substandard rigid linings, to allow for movement in the structure when the home is transported.

Glazing – At Tasbuilt we have believed for a long time that double glazing should be a standard inclusion, not an optional extra. Strong aluminium framed windows, with low maintenance awning fittings, and complete with double glazing and flyscreens, ensure you can enjoy the view from your new home all year round

Level of inclusions – A key step to determining if your modular home is a quality offering is to carefully review the level of inclusions. Does your builder include the little details like towel rails, cushion stops on the doors, soft closing door and drawers in the kitchen… And don’t forget to check the big ticket items as well – things like insulation, air conditioning, and double glazing will make a substantial difference when you move into your new home

Flexibility in design – To truly achieve a quality modular home it is important that your builder can work with you to customise the design and finishes. Adapting your home to suit your requirements maximises the potential of your site, taking in the best vistas, capturing abundant sunlight, and configuring the layout to suit your lifestyle. Customisation also allows you to decide what features of the home you want to invest more money in, and take out the features that don’t fit with your requirements

Service offering – Finding a modular builder that can offer first class service is an important but often overlooked component of a quality experience. At Tasbuilt we have specialist Client Ambassadors who work alongside our clients throughout the project to help turn your dreams into a reality

Aftersales care – All builders are required to include a minimum level of warranty on their products, but a quality builder will generally offer more than the minimum. At Tasbuilt we are proud to offer our clients a 12 month maintenance service, backed up with a ten year structural guarantee


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