5 minutes with our roofing specialist.... Esty Schmitt

Meet Tasbuilt's dedicated roofer....all the way from Alberta, Canada..

Tell us what you love most about Tasmania

Being raised a prairie boy I guess I immediately fell in love with the ocean and the many great beaches here in Tasmania.

Also the mountainous landscape and the very mild winters here are things I enjoy and last but not least, the friendly people and laid back atmosphere are refreshing.

And what do you miss most about Canada?

I reckon what I miss the most of couse would be my family and friends.. I miss being able to play hockey and other winter sports and also a coffee shop we have back there called Tim Hortons... They make the BEST coffee!!

How long have you been involved in the building industry?

I've been roofing ever since I left school ...so that would be 7 years... it's all I've ever done.

What does your role as trade hand for Tasbuilt Homes include?

Mostly it's taking care of doing the rooves and and of the houses that have corrugated iron cladding... So mostly anything that has to do with corrugated iron, from start to finish. This would include anything from doing a roof in here at the yard to going out onsite and putting the finishing touches on a job there.

What do you find most interesting about the role?

There is always a variety... As long as I've been doing it, there has never been two jobs exactly the same... you always have something different to work on and each job has it's own particular twist to it that sets it apart from the others.

Have you noticed any interesting emerging trends in construction or the home building industry?

I think it's interesting how Pre-Fab homes have become the order of the day. Obviously people are seeing the many advantages of getting a beautiful home just brought to their block.. it's so efficient and stress free that there is getting to be more and more of a demand for it.

Tell us about one of your most enjoyable moments during your time working for Tasbuilt

I came back after some time off work and my work mates told me they were glad i was back and doing my thing again!

It felt good to be needed, to know you were taking your place on the team and you were missed when you weren't there.


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