Your First Visit...


So you’ve had your lightbulb moment! The idea of selling up and starting a new life in the golden isle of Tasmania is growing clearer in your mind. Moving to an affordable, uncrowded oasis, away from the heat and chaos, is just making sense for you. But first, it’s time to pay a visit to really cement the idea.

Getting to Tasmania has never been easier than right now. Many visitors choose to bring their own vehicles for convenience, using the Melbourne to Devonport “Spirit of Tasmania” ferry. With nightly sailings, as well as day sailings in summer, this is a great way to settle into the Tassie mode. Feast on some gourmet Tasmanian cuisine, sample some craft beer or award winning wine, and enjoy a great range of entertainment to fill in the journey.

For a quicker trip across the strait (or if you’re not sure about your sea legs), you can hop on one of the many regular flights into the four airports located at convenient locations around the state (Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie). Tasmanian airports are refreshingly uncrowded, without the mind numbing queues of busier mainland airports, so you can move through quickly and get on with the job at hand

We recommend you allow at least a week (minimum) to seriously explore your options for a new place to put down roots. Plan your trip well in advance, but also make sure you leave some time to go wherever your sense take you. As we say in Tasmania…expect the unexpected! There are so many hidden secrets that you won’t uncover until you actually land here and start to poke around.

Tasmania offers a huge range and variety of locations depending on the lifestyle you are looking for. Employment opportunities are definitely greater around the major centres, but there are also significant employers in the regional areas, particularly in agriculture and tourism. If you are self employed or retired, be tempted by a huge array of country acreages – think options like sheep and chickens, vineyards, orchids, rolling lawns…all available at pricing so affordable you won’t believe it.

When you have narrowed down a preferred location, be sure to visit the local shops, restaurants and essential facilities, as these will give you a great indication of the local character. Unlike their mainland counterparts, Tasmanian local governments are generally friendly and approachable, and can be a great source of information.

Most importantly, catch up with some locals – the heart and soul of Tasmania. You are sure to be met with a friendly smile, and plenty of helpful information on the area of your choice. Discover how refreshing it is to meet people who have time to stop and chat.

And before you leave, take some time to call into the local highlights in your area. Tasmania is packed full of scenic natural beauty, foodie hangouts, cellar doors, breweries, golf courses, historic and cultural sites, beaches, lakes, bushwalks…no trip to Tasmania is complete without some time out to spend on yourself.

Have a safe trip and we look forward to welcoming you back soon!


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