Some Interesting Facts on Transporting a Modular Home

Every modular build makes the journey from a factory to its final destination, but here’s what you might not know about that process!

You’ve got to admit it, it’s a sure showstopper to meet a convoy on the highway with several sections of a modular build on board, enroute to the site!

Of course, this process takes a lot of careful planning, and Tasbuilt’s logistics team are seasoned professionals at their task. So, let’s give you some insight into what’s involved.

#1. Tough as Tough

Starting with a structurally engineered subframe, our homes are built tough from the ground up.

This not only allows the buildings to be safely loaded and unloaded as required, but it also gives the building enduring durability, built to last!

#2. A Well-Planned Route

Each route is well-rehearsed and planned, as different permits, escorts and such like are required for each one, the route requirements are never a one size fits all! Our ‘A’ Team are also no strangers to shifting massive loads in the early hours to keep traffic disruption at a minimum, particularly in congested areas.

#3. Tight Spot, Sloping Block… Our Specialty!

From tight access in built-up areas to sloping billy goat blocks well off the beaten track, or rural blocks in remote locations, your modular build can be installed almost anywhere!

#4. & Now For the Grand Finale… Landed!

Once the build finally reaches its destination, it’s a carefully choreographed operation to get the build onto the steel piers that have been pre-prepared by the logistics team. Sloping blocks and two-storey designs can bring intricacies and challenges but guaranteed that an empty block at the start of the day, will have a building installed by the end – impressive, I must say!

At Tasbuilt, our base price covers transport up to 200ks from Westbury, to a reasonable site that is access-ready, and anything over that we’ll happily negotiate. Our experienced team are always happy to offer advice, and we also offer a free-of-charge site inspection if you’re a bit concerned that access might be an issue. We proudly cover every corner of our beautiful island state, so feel free to contact the team to discuss transporting your dream build today!


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