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Decks & Verandahs Gallery

Everyone loves to get outside and enjoy the fresh Tasmanian air. Here is a collection of outdoor options to suit your new Tasbuilt Home!

Decks and Verandahs—Welcome Visitors with Style

Thank you for browsing Tasbuilt Homes deck and verandah gallery, packed with decking design ideas and inspiration for creating your own. Tasbuilt are proud to have created a wide range of custom designed verandah spaces, tailored to suit our clients own requirements. You can explore through these images to find a decking design that works just for you, and then meet with our design team to start to turn your dreams into reality. We will work with you to make sure you can truly create and indoor/outdoor environment!

If you ae building a new home in rural Tasmania or building a new home on a coastal property in Tasmania a deck or verandah is a must have. A deck or verandah is an ideal space to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort, take in the amazing Tasmanian scenery, shelter from the elements, and generally add to the aesthetic appeal of your new home

Everyone wants to have a welcoming home, one that can be used to entertain a large group of friends or even cater to just a simple, intimate gathering with the family. With our smartly designed decks, you can now be the perfect host and impress guests with your own, beautiful and personalised location.

Why look for venues that can cost you a fortune in rental fees when you can hold your very own parties at home? Aside from increasing your house’s curb appeal, decks can be that quintessential additional “room”. You can choose to design and decorate it according to your needs. Just add an awning and voilà, you have a space outside where you can sit and relax, even sleep if you have an outdoor sofa.

Aside from decks, verandahs are one of the most functional additions to houses. In the same way, these extensions can provide the perfect outdoor experience without worrying about the harsh weather conditions. Enjoy the beauty of a rainy day outside, absorbed in your book and ensconced in a comfortable couch, without worrying about the heat of the sun or getting wet from torrential rains. Appreciate being outdoors, feel the warm breeze of the summer or the chill of winter while drinking your favourite beverage.

To top it off, building a verandah can actually decrease your electricity bill. You can prevent the heat from directly penetrating your windows, enabling your air conditioning system to work at a warmer setting or you can do our environment a favour and completely shut it down during cooler hours.

Why Choosing Tasbuilt Homes to Build Your Home Extensions is Worth It:

  • Your safety (and wallets!) is our concern. We only use highly durable materials that are sturdy and can stay in great condition for years to come. Less maintenance, more savings on your part.
  • We won’t neglect to ask about your own ideas and designs. Verandahs and decks need to reflect your lifestyle and personality, as well as blend beautifully with your environment.
  • They’re easy to set up. If you’re worried about the additional work and time consumed, don’t worry. As expert builders, we can build these extensions efficiently.

There’s no time to waste. Let us help you have a lovely home with a beautiful verandah or a functional deck now. Or you can have both. Contact us now and we’ll send you a free brochure to peruse.

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