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Bathrooms & Laundries Gallery

Whether you are looking for a simple but tasteful style, or a full blown architectural fit out, we will work with you to select the products to suit.

Custom bathrooms—Start the day your way

Thank you for visiting our bathroom and laundry gallery, a place where you can find inspiration for designing your own new home. Tasbuilt are proud to have created some amazing bathroom spaces in our new homes, with some eye-catching features like a shower within a massive corner window. a clever concealed laundry built into bathroom cabinetry, and some stunning custom designed joinery.

Your bathroom might be the smallest place in the house, but it’s where a number of things happen daily. From taking a blissful shower to putting on make-up, it’s the place where everyone gets ready for the day. It is simply impossible to start the day right without a visit to the bathroom. Bathroom and ensuite designs therefore, should not be taken for granted.

Even if you have a relatively small space for your bath and toilet, Tasbuilt Homes can make this essential area include everything you need. We use modern, easily replaceable fixtures for your convenience as well as simple materials that won’t require heavy maintenance. Practicality and stylishness are always in mind when we design your custom bathroom.

Take a look at our gallery of elegantly designed bathrooms and ensuites. We take pride in hiring only the best builders, backed by years of experience in designing and remodelling the interiors of your home. Find solace in any of our beautiful and functional ensuites. For ladies, especially, who want to take time and feel relaxed in their private spaces, a cramped and disorganised vanity area can be restricting. Custom shelving and cabinets, in this case, will make a huge impact on the overall functionality of your ensuite. Unlike other builders, we take time to listen and we focus on your ideas to ensure the finished product is always to your satisfaction.

As Tasmania’s premier home builder, we understand how important details are for you: from the critical placement of lighting to the theme of your bathrooms and ensuites. We’d love to work with you; our skills will complement your decorating style in designing this essential space. We’ll give you a few suggestions as well if you’re stumped about your bathroom and ensuite design.

Tasbuilt Homes will work hand in hand with you to give you what you need from your dream house. From quality materials to our highly experienced builders, we make sure to give you only the best.

We’d love to hear about your ideas. Contact us now get started on the home you have always envisioned.

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