Boutique Visitor Accommodation

A Scandinavian Hideaway in Southern Tasmania that delights and excites!

The increasing popularity of modular construction has inspired innovative architecture allowing us to efficiently build unique boutique accommodation anywhere in Tasmania.

Most travellers today prefer to spend their holidays in facilities with low environmental impact and are increasingly looking for boutique accommodation that respects the surrounding environment. Boutique accommodation that is smaller, cosy, and comfortable is a much more conscious and modern choice. For these reasons, we at Tasbuilt build prefabricated buildings that are versatile in end-use, and perfect for boutique backyard visitor accommodation.

One of the major construction advantages of modular construction is saving time which translates into money allowing us to offer our customers a product of excellence at a much more reasonable price.
Check out this boutique backyard visitor accommodation that we recently built in West Hobart! The stunning Scandinavian interior, with its white and light timber colourings, creates a modern yet relaxing space that is both stylish and functional.
Features of this build that we especially love are the rose gold fixtures, the panel-lined raking ceilings with exposed beams, and the glass French doors that open onto a sunny patio! Also, take note of the clever use of space in this compact build, including jut outbox seat windows, a hidden European laundry packed with features, and a built-in bedhead for extra storage.

If you love this home as much as we do, click here to book a stay and experience it for yourself!

Project Details

LocationWest Hobart

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