Destination Focus - Northern Midlands

Campbell Town, Longford and Evandale


Campbell Town

The historical town is home to many antique and specialty shops and services travellers between Launceston and Hobart. The historical town dating back to the 1800s has a self-guided tour that follows the Convict Brick Trail. The colonial buildings are simply fascinating including the iconic Red Bridge and the wood carvings that tell a story of the towns history. A perfect location if you love history!


A charming historical town that is home to some spectacular estates. A town where agricultural traditions still continue today. Spectacular estates such as Woolmer’s and Brickendon Estates both world heritage listed, hold some amazing historical buildings and many stories – major tourist attraction for those who love history!


A historical town, with well-preserved Georgian and Victorian buildings dating back to early 1800s. The town proudly hosts the National Penny Farthing Championships drawing people around the globe. Located in an ideal location, just a few kilometres from the Launceston airport, Evandale is an excellent location to complete your Tasmanian journey.


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