6 things we think every home office should have

Do you work remotely from the heart of your home...? or are you the one that likes to study or read a book in a quiet location?

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Follow our 6 tips on things we think you should include in your home office...for maximum comfort, efficiency & style!!

Pick a workspace

It is essential you pick a workspace dedicated for your home office. Not just a comfy chair at the dining room table or a small table in the lounge. Pick a space that will only be used for your office. Ideally, a quite location with good lighting and a distraction free zone


In your home office you’ll need to have a large desk with adequate storage space so you can keep your office orderly and tidy. Also – don’t forget a comfy chair. Make sure your chair is comfortable for you as it is an important feature for an efficient office.


It is essential that you have adequate lighting. Ideally a nice window to look out on or a table lamp to lighten your desk. A window (although may seem a distraction) will allow the natural light to penetrate straight into your home office, potentially increasing your alertness.


Make sure you add a touch of you to your home office! Add some color, a nice pot plant, or a picture on the wall. This will add warmth and comfort to your home office making it hard to keep away from!!


Although many businesses these days are moving towards paperless offices, it is important to have a notepad near by to jot notes down when it may not work to put on your favorite note taking app.

Printer & Scanner

If you have a paperless office there still may be times when you need to print scan or make a copy of a document. So, we recommend having a printer and scanner on hand for those moments.


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