4 interior design tricks to make your new home look amazing

Without blowing your budget!

Tilied bathroom in modular home
Neos display home at Old beach
Timber vinyl flooring on modular home
Large double glazed windows in modular home Hobart

Create a Palette

  • Choose around 3 base colours that will really create the tone you are after, and something you can refer back to as you continue your design journey. We recommend going for neutral base colours which can make the world of difference to a home over the years. Neutral doesn’t necessarily mean you are restricted to a limited colour palette, as it can be black, grey, white, cream or beige. Neutral colours can be incorporated by using timber, stone, metal and marble, as well as plenty of texture and tone. Sticking to neutral base colours allows you to experiment with a splash of colour in your decorative accessories and makes it easier to change in the future when you have an urge to redecorate!

Finishes from nature

  • Have you ever thought of embracing a bit of nature in your new home…we recommend it! Just think of soft white kitchen cabinetry complimented by a natural timber bench top or even marble if your budget allows. You can also opt to use natural materials in other areas of your home, such as a bathroom vanity or even a feature wall in a bedroom or living room. Fireplaces are a great way to bring nature into your home and complimented with a natural slate or stone can create a stunning finish! Using natural items in your new home has the ability to add warmth and dimension which are vital design features to any home.


  • Choosing the right lighting for your new home is crucial. It helps enhance your home’s features, and create a warm and functional environment for you and your family. We recommend taking advantage of natural lighting by large windows, glass sliding doors and maybe even some skylights. Natural lighting can help reduce your electricity bill and has the ability to make your rooms feel bigger and brighter. Don’t forget to have some fun with adding some feature lights throughout the house, as this is a great way to add instant class and style!

Pick furniture with purpose

  • Before choosing furniture for your new home, first ask yourself how you want those spaces to feel. Comfy in your living room? Relaxed in your bedroom? Energized in your kitchen? By identifying the way you want to feel in your space will help you narrow down your options to the most relevant. We also recommend not overcrowding your interior spaces with furniture. When decorating think about each piece’s purpose. If it’s used often and is a necessity, keep it. However if it’s just a filler piece, consider moving it on. Also it important to consider the scale of furniture for your home. You don’t want to have a small sofa in a giant living room etc, as it will make the room feel out of proportion.

Sticking to neutral base colours allows you to experiment with a splash of colour in your decorative accessories.


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