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Why building modular is the best option for your holiday home

Here’s 5 reasons why a modular home may be the best option for you.


Modular building is the way of the future in construction, and if you are considering a solution for building a new holiday home, you should definitely take a look at the options available to you

  1. Makes building in a remote location a breeze – If your dream location for a holiday home is off the well worn track and outside of the suburban chaos (and the best locations generally are), it is very likely that the area is not well serviced by local tradespeople. This means paying a premium and waiting months for the few tradespeople that are available, or paying huge amounts for non-local builders to travel into your area. A modular home is prebuilt in a controlled environment, before being transported to your site when it is around 90% complete, and installed and completed in a matter of weeks
  2. Ideal for elevated sites to maximise your views – Imagine unwinding on a sunlounge on your balcony looking out through the canopy of the surrounding trees across to the gentle waves rolling in on the sandy beach. Or sitting at your kitchen table looking out a floor to ceiling window at 180 degree water views. Or lying in bed and watching the wind ripple through the grass paddocks. A modular home is built on an elevated steel platform, securely braced against the elements, and ideal for capturing the surrounding landscape. This also avoids the expensive and invasive excavations required to level a site in preperation for the old fashioned concrete slab
  3. Minimal maintenance – Modular homes use cutting edge materials and technology to ensure you don’t end up spending all you holidays fixing up and repainting your home. Holidays are for relaxing, not slogging, after all!
  4. Ease of construction – A decent modular home builder will offer to take care of your entire project, from design and council application, right through to handover. This means you don’t have to take time out of your day job to oversee contractors and arrange supplies. It also allows you to ascertain a fixed price budget before getting underway. Being prebuilt in a factory gives you the peace of mind that your project is being handled in a professional and timely manner
  5. Adaptable to suit your site – A holiday home should be built to enhance the holiday you are looking for. Features like outdoor showers, boat storage, outdoor entertaining, floor to ceiling glass, and spacious bedrooms can all be incorporated into the design of your new home


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