What are the new trends in the custom home building industry?

A quick explanation of three of the newest trends in the custom home building industry!

The custom home building industry has continued to evolve, featuring new techniques and trends to meet the ever changing needs of homeowners.

Sustainable and Energy Efficient Design

Homeowners are seeking to minimize their carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption. Trends to help this include incorporating green building practices, such as using eco-friendly materials, energy efficient appliances and also including renewable energy sources like solar panels.

Open and Multi-Functional Spaces

Homeowners do enjoy spaces that allow for easy flow and interactions between rooms, and it is becoming increasingly popular. Examples are open kitchens that freely connect with dining and living areas. Multi-functional spaces, which are also more desired currently, can be adapted to suit various activities, such as home offices that can also serve as a guest bedroom or flexible living spaces.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces have become an essential part of custom home designs. Features like outdoor kitchens, covered seating areas, and large deck areas to encourage outdoor relaxation and entertainment are the most popular amongst outdoor living spaces. Creating easy connection between indoor and outdoor living spaces has also become an important feature, using multiple or large doors that, when open, create a lot of indoor/outdoor connection.


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