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Some tips on how to redecorate a room on budget

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Some tips on how to redecorate a room on budget

  • Start with a new wall colour

Paint your walls with a new colour. This might be the most cost- effective solution to making a big impact for your dollar.

  • Try a different layout

Moving furniture is fun, free and something designers say makes a huge impact.

  • Change your throws

Pillows are a must-have if you want a cosy place to unwind after a long day. They’re one of the easiest things to swap!

  • Try colourful frames

If you always find yourself buying solid wood or black frames, try a mixture of colours. It will bring new life to your existing pictures and you will see them in a whole new light.

  • Change you lamp shades

This change will make an even greater impact once you turn the light on.



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