Building an eco-friendly home in Tasmania

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Tasmania is known for its clean green environment and pristine surroundings. So its no wonder many new home builders in Tasmania choose to incorporate eco-friendly designs into their projects. From basic design principles through to completely off-grid solar packages, Tasbuilt Homes can help you achieve your eco-friendly dream.

Technology and design around eco-friendly building is constantly evolving, but here are a few of the basics:


Tasbuilt have included double glazing as a standard feature from many years now. In Tasmania, north facing glazing is important to maximise the solar gain in your home. If you have great views to the south and want to maximinse your glazing on this side, you may want to consider an option such as thermally broken windows, and skylights to compensate for the reduced northern sunlight.


Tasbuilt includes extensive insulation to all external surfaces within our standard package. Depending on how you plan to use and heat the various surfaces of your home, internal insulation may be a beneficial option for you to consider.

Solar power

Contrary to some myths, Tasmania does still receive a significant amount of sunlight, and hybrid or completely off grid solar packages are certainly an option. Tasbuilt can work with you and the electrical contractors to coordinate the selection and installation of a solar power package.

Heat pump hot water

Heat pump hot water systems use significantly less power than traditional electric or gas systems, and are a popular option for eco-friendly hot water generation in Tasmania. There are a range of brands and sizes available to suit your requirements.


The layout of your home will play a huge part in the energy efficiency of your home. North facing glazing is critical in Tasmania’s more moderate climate, to reduce your artificial heating and lighting requirements. Providing an airlock to your entry reduces the loss of warm air when you enter and exit your home. And minimising hallways and waste space will maximise the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

Construction process

An off-site construction process minimises your impact on the environment, by reducing building waste, travel, and overall impact to your site. Building your home in a factory environment ensures building products are used as efficiently as possible, and tradesmen and delivery drivers do not have to drive all across the state to various building sites.

For more tips on building an eco friendly home in Tasmania contact the team at Tasbuilt Homes today.


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