Prefab and Airbnb – do these two work together?

Let us unpack this for you – as we’re sure they are a match made for each other!

With a massive increase in popularity, it’s no surprise that many Australians are jumping on the bandwagon to get their own Airbnb rentals up and running. With millions of global listings, the options are endless, and it’s a fantastic way to be bringing in additional income in these uncertain times.

So, where does modular sit in this market – is it an option?

The answer is yes, 100%! Here’s how our clients Jon & Cathy created a beautiful bespoke Airbnb in St Helens, making a statement and creating a lucrative rental opportunity.

This stunning two-storey home has been created with simple indulgence in mind, with streamlined décor creating a sense of warmth and functionality. Anyone from couples to two families can delight in its charm with views across George's Bay as a beautiful extra, a truly special place to stay.

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For Jon & Cathy, choosing a prefabricated home over a traditional site-built one ticked some important boxes. The time frame for completion was much more certain, and because the home was built off-site, they could visit the factory when it suited them, and not be tied to meeting builders on-site, as well as enjoying the regular photo updates on the MyHome portal.

We asked Jon & Cathy a few questions on why they chose this option over the conventional building –

Why did you choose modular to build your Airbnb in St Helens?

We really liked the idea of a modular build where we could be more sure of the timelines due to the controlled building environment. We’ve also never built before so we felt that having everything sorted from council to connections - was really reassuring. During the off-site part of the build, we’d look forward to every Friday when a new batch of photos was uploaded!

What feature of this boutique build gets the most attention from your guests?

Guests have loved the ensuite bathroom and often complements the tiling throughout the house – Tasbuilt helped us source some of our more unique selections!

What works well in the building?

There are lots of great features of this building – our favourite is the 3 big north-facing windows in the main room upstairs. The light and passive warmth up there on an otherwise cold day is amazing.

If you had any advice to give to people on modular for Airbnb, what would it be?

No one would be able to ever tell it was a modular build – so we think it’s not really a matter of modular vs non-modular – it’s more a matter of whether the price is right, whether the delivery timeline suits you and whether you think you’ll get excellent customer service and follow up support from your builder. We’re really happy with the result.

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Fire pit for guest use


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