Winter is here…

Make your new build as cozy and comfortable as possible!

With winter well and truly in full swing, we take a look at some things to consider when building your Tasbuilt home that will make your home comfier, as well as ways to prepare your interior for winter!

Keep winter in mind when planning your home:

  • Heating – a wood or gas fireplace can not only provide heat to keep the whole house warm but will also add a great ambience to those dark evenings.
  • Flooring materials – Polished floorboards look great, but you don’t need them in a bedrooms… putting carpet in these rooms can keep your toes toasty!

  • Window coverings – pelmets and curtains are great ways to keep the cold out and heat in!

Easy ideas to help your home become a winter wonderland:

Light it up – with the shorter days, keep your living spaces feeling bright and welcoming with extra lighting. Standing lamps are a great way to bring light to the corners of the rooms, while using table lamps can help keep those tricky spots warm and bright. Something very simple as changing the colour of your bulbs and LEDs to a warmer white can really make a room more inviting when its dark and cold outside.

Keep it cozy – use the winter as a chance to introduce new colours and textures to your home. Thick throws are great for the living rooms, turning your couch into a place to snuggle. Fluffy pillows and blankets can make your bedroom even more inviting, and help you sleep through the cold nights and early mornings. Using rugs on cold floors not only keeps heat in, they also help break up large open plan spaces. Take the opportunity in winter to introduce different colour schemes around your home- earthy, natural tones work well, as do warm oranges and reds to bring back memories of the sunshine.

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If you are spending more time indoors this winter, why not rearrange? A change is as good as a rest and maybe now is the time to try out that new set-up you have been thinking about!!

Speak to our design team today, we’ll help you create a warm and cozy space to relish the colder days…


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