A guide to a peaceful master suite

Does a relaxing master suite sound like a dream? ...read our tips on how to make this dream a blissful reality!


Our days are full of demands, so what could be more beneficial than a peaceful haven in which to rejuvenate at the end of the day? Serene. Soothing. Peaceful. Calming. It’s the vibe from your own bedroom that can give you these sensations.

Here are six features to consider as you create your master bedroom retreat.


The single most important element in the bedroom is a good mattress. We all love a good night’s rest and choosing a model that fits your particular needs will make all the difference!

We recommend doing a little online research before heading to your choice of mattress store, where you can try out in real life the joys of a new mattress. Also remember this is a purchase you’ll most likely be living with for a while, so it may be worth spending those few extra dollars!


Choosing the right bed frame may not seem highly important, however it certainly is! If leaning against a comfortable surface to read (or watch that latest movie everyone’s been talking about) is part of your daily routine, an upholstered headboard would be a smart choice. Not only does it help cater to your needs, but it also sets the style tone for the rest of the décor throughout the room.


Competing with the mattress as most important in building a successful bedroom are linens and pillows, and again the options grow every year. Be sure to select sheets that feel soft against the skin, and blankets that provide you with the level of warmth preferred. Most importantly try out the pillows before purchasing, to find one that supports your head and neck in your favorite sleeping position. While comfort is important, selecting bedding that is attractive and inspiring plays a major role in setting the tone of your room.

Soothing colour scheme

The choice of colours for your Master Suite plays a crucial role in influencing the overall atmosphere of your room. If you are seeking to create a peaceful haven, soft neutral colours are certainly the way to go! Using a palette of neutral shades leaves room for a splash of colour in your bed linens, pillows, lamps and other accessories, without over stimulating the senses.

Lighting is essential

Lighting also plays an important role in setting the atmosphere of your room, be it a tall free-standing lamp or a couple of downlights in your ceiling. If you are wanting a relaxing atmosphere to recuperate from the day - soft light is essential, or a brighter light to accomplish the more practical tasks such as reading. Or you may be someone that loves to sleep in complete darkness to have the best night sleep, or is a little moon light streaming through the curtains what you’re after? Choosing window coverings to accommodate your needs is essential, while providing natural lighting to enhance the beauty of your peaceful retreat.

And now to add the accessories.

Adding personal accessories to your bedroom such as photo frames help to bring on the intimacy. Furthermore, if your bedroom is not of a significant size, then the addition of large mirrors can help a room feel much bigger. The presence of candles, flowers and sleep enhancers also help to create an opulent atmosphere. If you are useless at keeping plants and flowers alive, then take a look into the addition of faux flowers which often look just as good but demand less maintenance.


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