Tips for building a low maintenance home

Enjoying your home and not being a slave is what homeownership should be about!

Here are some tips for creating a low maintenance home so you can spend more time relaxing.

Exterior of the home:


Certain cladding options require much less maintenance than others.

  • Colorbond - is easy to maintain (no painting required), long lasting, lightweight, and extremely durable.
    Weathertex - this is another great option for a low maintenance cladding. Weathertex needs repainting roughly every 10-15 years and has a warranty to cover rot, splitting or cracking for 25 years.

Aluminum windows & not timber windows

  • Aluminum windows are basically maintenance free, timber windows require regular upkeep by way of oiling, staining or painting to maintain their intended look.

Gardening considerations

  • Artificial lawn - Never have to mow your lawns again!
  • Weed mat - One extra step and a few hundred dollars at the time of planting your garden could save you weeks of weeding your garden.

Interior of the home

Shower-screens with no glass

  • Keeping the shower screen clean is one of those household tasks that always needs doing. A great alternative is to have a shower with no glass in the form of a tiled walk-in shower.

Vinyl flooring

  • Vinyl flooring is a hassle free alternative to traditional wooden flooring. Vinyl is easy to keep clean and doesn't require regular polishing.

Electric appliances

  • Cooktop - an electric cooktop means there's no need for gas bottles and is often far easier to clean. Induction cooktops are also becoming more popular and provide an efficient electric option that cooks foot quickly and where you can easily control the heat output.
  • Ducted vacuum cleaning Ducted vacuums have a longer life-span and you don't have to empty bags as often, plus it offers the convenience of not needing to drag around a vacuum cleaner, only the hose.


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