The Best Things To Do In Tasmania

Make sure you explore the island

Tasmania is a place of wild & beautiful landscapes, friendly people with a relaxed island lifestyle, wonderful food & wine. No matter where you go, whether you spend time in one place or drive around the island, we know you’ll be delighted by what you’ll find and surprised at how much bigger Tasmania is on the inside.

Here are 10 sites you must visit..

1. Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park

Nothing beats this view. You can hike to the visitor’s platform for a great view over wineglass bay or tackle the harder hike to the top of Mt Amos.

2. The Hazards

Also located inside the Freycinet National Park are a chain of mountains like no others- this is absolutely magical.

3. Cradle Mountain National Park

This is an absolute must is a visit to Cradle Mountain one of Tasmania’s most visited and most renowned attractions.

4. Tamar Valley Wine Region

What could be better than sipping a glass of wine amidst the rolling hills of the Tamar Valley?

5. Eat an entire menu of Raspberry Everything

Visit the Raspberry Farm between Launceston & Devonport, you can eat an entire menu of Raspberry including Raspberry Eggs Benedict, Raspberry Scones, Raspberry meringues and much more.

6. Visit Switzerland in a Day

Visit a Swiss Village named Grindelwald, a short 15 minute drive North along the Tamar Valley from Launceston.

7. Cruise through the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park

This idyllic national park is renowned for being home to one of Tassie’s most loved attractions – a scenic cruise down the Franklin – Gordon River.

8. Tulip Farm, Table Cape

If you visit Table Cape during the month of October, make sure you visit the ‘Bloomin ‘ Tulips festival – a festival where the tulip farm on the Northwest Coast of Tasmania comes to life in full bloom.

9. Run through the Lavender Fields at Bridestowe Estate

Visit the impressive lavender fields in the North of Tasmania at Bridestowe Estate.

10. Explore Underground Caves

The Mole Creek Caves are a popular attraction for travellers making their way up to Cradle Mountain (usually from the city of Launceston). If you have a chance to stop make sure you book a tour in advance.



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